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Game Worn Jerseys Auction

The rules of the auction:

Company, s.r.o. (provider) offers to visitors of hockey websites a chance to participate on auction of an original worn hockey jerseys of particular hockey clubs. Hockey clubs have placed these jerseys to auction and the profits from the auction will be given to the development of youth hockey.

The participation in the auction is voluntary and free of charge. The only thing necessary for it is registration. It is necessary to fill all the data in registration form located on a special page. Everyone must choose a unique user name and password, which he will use during the auction. Through registration, user agrees to abide with all the auction rules. All user data will be kept confidential, will not be provided to the third persons and will only be used as contact information in case, that a user becomes a winner of the jersey auction.

The auction provider cannot verify identity of any user. Those users, who are found to be abusing this assignation, will be erased from the database and all their bids will be found to be invalid.

The user is responsible for keeping his or her user account and password confidential. The auction provider is not responsible for any abuse of a user account by third person, no matter if a user is aware of it or not. A user must inform provider in case of any abuse or suspicion from abuse of his or her user account.

As detailed in every individual auctioned item, each has a specific deadline of a certain day and hour. During the auction, users can add to individual items in an offer of an auction. A minimum bid increment is assigned to every item (most probably 50 CZK), a maximum bid increment of 500 CZK is set. The number of bids by one user during the auction is not restricted and there is no limit on the number of auctions in which one user can participate. After the auction deadline, bidding will be closed. The final bidder, where his/her name is posted on the auction list as the last one, becomes the owner of the auction item and is obliged to pay it according to the conditions written below.

If there is a huge demand of an item at the end of the auction, "overtime" applies. It means that any bid prior the deadline extends deadline time for another 5 minutes. If no bid is make during this 5 minutes, auction ends, otherwise another extension is applied. Final deadline for al auction is 3 hours after initial deadline.

When the auction ends, all the winning bidders will receive an e-mail with detailed information concerning payment and delivery of the auctioned item. The item can be picked up in person in several places in the Czech Republic or can be sent by post. Foreign customers direct money transfer to our bank account to pay for auction items, also personal chcecks and international money orders are welcome. The easiest way to pay for auction items is Paypal service, which is now availabe.

In cases where there are some problems in determining a winner, the auction provider will attempt to clarify it using its own internal data. If a winner will not take up the auction item or there are no bids on the item at all, the item will remain the property of the auction provider who can then offer them in a 2nd round of auctions.

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